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A Brief Introduction to the Research Report on Data Cross - border Flow

THE 04.05.2017  Source:
On May 1, the US Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) released a study on cross-border data flow - "Cross-border data flows: where is the barrier? What is the price? "(Cross-Border Data Flows: Where Are the Barriers, and What Do They Cost?).
The thrust of the report, in one sentence, is that more and more countries are making it more expensive and time consuming to transmit data overseas, if not illegal. This approach reduces economic growth and hinders the realization of social values. (A growing number of countries are making it more expensive and time consuming, if not illegal, to transfer data overseas. This reduces economic growth and undercuts social value.)
The report addresses two reasons for the localization of data: First, data localization does not help to achieve network security, protect personal information, develop the industry. In other words, data localization is useless. Second, data localization will delay the overall level of economic growth. In other words, data localization will hurt itself.
In general, these are very common reasons for Western experts to oppose data localization. In this regard, the report is nothing new. But the focus is on the appendix to the report. ITIF is very careful to study the data localization measures of existing countries (attached).
Careful friends can find that many of them are developed countries. France, Germany, Denmark and so on. And the reasons behind the developed countries' own localization measures are diverse. Some time ago, the EU itself on the various member countries of the localization measures (in addition to personal data) to do the study, also found a variety of localization measures. So the two reports are right.
Obviously, this in itself shows what. The reality of data localization measures is much more complex than ITIF's two opposing reasons.

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