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  • THE 2017-05-31

    Evaluation of Local Network Public Opinion Index

    Longitudinal observation, horizontal analysis. Inventory local full-year network of public opinion, to provide reference, service decision-making, contribute to the construction of public opinion network.
  • THE 2017-05-31

    Evaluation of Information Development Index

    Information Development Index is the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to develop a comprehensive reflection of the level of development of information technology evaluation indicators, according to the provinces and cities in China to carry out
  • THE 2017-05-31

    Internet Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment

    Establish and improve the Internet corporate social responsibility evaluation system, release the status report, aimed at strengthening and promoting industry self-discipline, for the management to further strengthen supervision and management to provide
  • THE 2017-05-31

    Evaluation of National Competitiveness of Internet Industry

    From the industrial advantages, market position, innovation, policy management and other aspects of the assessment of the global Internet industry, and on this basis for the development of China's Internet industry to make recommendations.

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