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Internet Development Research Institution (IDRI) of Peking University is a multidisciplinary research center on the development, social impact, policy implications and legal issues concerning the Internet.

Building on its rich academic resources, and by collaborating with top researchers and institutions worldwide, IDRI is dedicated to create cross-national, cross-disciplinary conversation and debate regarding leading-edge and critical issues around Internet Communication, Internet Society, Internet Industry, Internet Governance and Internet Ethnics, the issues greatly impact both the current society and future generations.


We conduct demographic research, content analysis and other data-driven social science research, allowing international decision-makers including government, companied and other social institutions to understand and address some of the world’s most challenging problems in internet development. 



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  • Academic research

    We are committed to strengthening internet-related research through interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • Policy Think Tank

    We provide policy makers with suggestions on topics including industry development, international governance, media development, public relations and marketing.
  • Assessment Reports

    Our problems-focused assessment reports involve issues related to internet corporations and industry, applications of internet and new media.
  • Case Library

    The establishment of the Internet business management, Internet applications, network communication and other aspects of teaching cases and research case library.
  • Communications and Collaborations

    We encourage multidisciplinary discussions through varies kinds of academic conferences, seminars, salons, academic journals and new media.

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